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  1. UPDATED ** COVID-19 Guidelines. Youth Development Camp – August 8th
  2. CB Desron Keir Returning for 2020
  3. 2019 AFL Leading Rusher Returning to the Hangar
  4. Former Fighter Jet Ready To Show Off Skills in Mexico
  5. Join the Fighter Jets for 2020

Central Alberta Bucs

The Central Alberta Buccaneers are a non-for-profit organization that provides an opportunity for men to continue (or start) their football careers. Focus is placed on teamwork, brotherhood, self-improvement, community, and, most importantly, love of football. The Bucs pride themselves as a team that plays high quality and passionate football. Regardless of the score, the Buccaneers are playing full tilt, with 100% speed and effort.

Besides playing football, the Bucs are an active force within the Central Albertan community. The team organizes and participates in blood drives, kids’ football camps, charity and community events/fundraisers, and holds its annual “Team up to Tackle Hunger” food drive (that annually raises over 3000 pounds of food for the Lacombe food bank).

The Buccaneers were created in 2002 by Dave Hanni. The team was originally called the Red Deer Buccaneers as a majority of the players were from that city. Dave played for the (now defunct) Calgary Thunder before he started the Bucs. He traveled from Red Deer to Calgary in order to play – as a result, he saw a need for senior men’s football in Red Deer. In 2010, Dave turned the team over to a handful of players. The Bucs are now operated by a board (the owners) that elects an executive who, in turn, govern the team. Without Dave’s initiative, hard work, and passion for football, the Buccaneers would not exist.




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